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Note: The Foundation described in this article is merely a proposal; no actual non-profit company currently exists at this time of writing. ("Peter Jin Foundation") and (PJO Foundation) is the future home of a scientific and educational non-profit organization that will eventually handle all the open source software development for It will be organized for public benefit purposes only and not for any private gain.

The purpose of this page is to offer critique as to the legitimacy of its operations prior to incorporation and filing legal documents. If you believe that any of this is unsound or you would like to take part in the board of directors, please contact me.


Although the Internet Society may be duplicating our efforts, it is, however, closely related to the IETF, the organization that publishes RFCs. Our goal, instead, is to deploy IPv6 in the same way, but without any impression of governance. Furthermore, the Internet Society may be geared towards Internet Service Providers, whereas we are geared towards end users.

Current Business Plans

  • Develop alternative transition mechanisms for IPv6 deployment (scientific research for public purposes)

The reason why additional transition mechanisms are necessary is to recover from the design flaw that IPv6 was not backwards compatible with IPv4. How could we have made IPv6 backwards compatible with IPv4? The "routing" aspect of IPv4 is within its addresses. If we overlaid IPv6 on top of IPv4, using IPv4 as a "guideline" to direct encapsulated IPv6 packets to the correct location, then we can achieve near-native routing speeds.

The expected timeline for ISPs goes as follows:

  • ISP is IPv4-only
  • ISP only offers native IPv4, but has traditional 6in4 tunnel servers that customers can use. The tunnel server may also account for carrier-grade NAT.
  • ISP can slowly start their native IPv6 deployment.
  • ISPs finish native IPv6 deployment, but still runs their 6in4 tunnel servers.
  • ISPs turn off 6in4 tunnel servers.

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