Addressing Plans

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  • - mail servers (actually part of apps-vm6)
    • - Email to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • - NAT pool for external access
  • - - external access delegated subnets (/32 - /28, up to 16 IPs per subdelegation)
  • - - reserved for future use
  • - NAT64 pool (future use)
  • - apps-vm6 superhost
  • For a detailed list of assignments, see List of port assignments used by apps-vm6.
  • Note: In all the above delegations, there are no network or broadcast addresses. All IP numberings begin at the first address (e.g. .0), not .1. See IP Configuration Rant.


  • 2602:806:a000::/48 - apps-vm6 static delegation
    • 2602:806:a000::/64 - internal apps-vm6 use
    • 2602:806:a000:4000::/50 - external access delegated subnets (/128 - /112, /96, /64 - /56)
    • 2602:806:a000:4010::/60 - apps-vm10
    • 2602:806:a000:8000::/51 - apps-vm6 superhost
    • For a detailed list of assignments, see List of port assignments used by apps-vm6.
  • 2602:806:a001::/48 - reserved, formerly home network
  • 2602:806:a002::/48 - anycast
    • 2602:806:a002::123 - NTP service
  • 2602:806:a003::/48 - apps-vm5 delegation
    • 2602:806:a003:400::/56 - apps-vm5 container delegation[1]
    • 2602:806:a003:400::/64 - apps-vm5 internal infrastructure use; subnets smaller than /64 are allocated from here
    • 2602:806:a003:400:7f01::/80 - Gitea frontend
    • 2602:806:a003:400:7f10::/76 - Socketbox testing
    • 2602:806:a003:408::/64 - Node.js testing
    • 2602:806:a003:40e::/64 - IPv6 Things / IPv6 Bible
    • 2602:806:a003:40f::/64 - Traceroute Text Generator / Traceroute Maker
    • 2602:806:a003:4ff::/96 - Container bridge subnet
    • 2602:806:a003:4ff::ece:395 - Gitea backend
  • 2602:806:a004::/48 - apps-vm9 delegation (announced in BGP but not yet operational)

Each delegation may only have one IPv6 subnet/route, unless the existing allocation needs to be expanded and it would overlap with another delegation.

Please note that traceroutes to 2602:806:a003:40f::/64 may return repeated or alternating addresses. This is completely normal for the operation of Traceroute Text Generator and is NOT a routing loop. See Traceroute Text Generator for more information.


Subdelegations can be given:

  • One carrier-grade NAT IPv4 address, optionally up to 16 (a /28 of) IPv4 addresses, plus any port forward rules from the shared NAT range. An additional subnet of up to /24 of carrier-grade NAT addresses can be routed.
  • One globally routable IPv6 address, optionally up to a /56 of IPv6 addresses.
  • When the NAT64 service becomes operational, IPv4 addresses will likely no longer be needed.

I am legally not allowed to be an Internet Service Provider except for providing service to myself, and even then it's limited to professional work only. I will, however, be able to demonstrate how I would serve a customer as if I were to work at an ISP.

For address-level subdelegation information, see IPAM.

  1. 410 - 4ff subnets are protected by a firewall. All other subnets (2602:806:a003:400::/60) are unrestricted.