socketbox is a replacement for the classic "inetd" daemon. This daemon operates similar to inetd in that it accepts connecting sockets and passes them on to a program, but instead of spawning a new program, the socket is sent to an existing daemon using a Unix domain socket and the SCM_RIGHTS control message; the exact procedures determined by a configuration file. For example, you can specify that sockets with a server IP address of 2001:db8::1 go to one program, and sockets with a server IP address of 2001:db8::2 go to another. Essentially, we have performed the socket demultiplexing routines in user space rather than kernel space.

Remember that from the Notes about namespaces page, even though a process can only be in one network namespace, it can still hold sockets or other file descriptors obtained from other namespaces using a Unix domain socket. This allows containers to have a different addressing scheme than the server IP address endpoints. For example, on a network with both global and unique local IPv6 addresses, the containers could be addressed with global addresses, whereas the server sockets would be restricted to the unique local addresses.